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Monday, December 19, 2011

OpenShot video editor (Linux)

Yesterday I went looking for a video editor for Linux. Since openSUSE is my preferred operating system, YaST (openSUSE version of Control Panel in Windows) was used to search for a video editor. OpenShot was one of three search result items. The others were Cinelerra and LIVES. All three were installed but only OpenShot would work on my system.

Anyway, I needed the video editor to edit the video recording of our guest speaker at the December 15 Breakfast With Fran monthly business networking event. Back in August I bought an ASUS TRANSFORMER ANDROID tablet. It has two cameras - a high definition back facing camera and a lower resolution front facing camera. The first Breakfast meeting that it was used to video tape was the September 29 meeting. The YouTube video editor was used to edit both the September and November meeting videos. They were simple edits - add a title to the video. But I wanted something more advanced. That is were OpenShot comes in.

OpenShot is by far the easiest video editor I have ever tried. It is also very powerful and comes with many templates for titles, animated 3D titles and supports many different media file formats. It also has a FTP client built in that will upload your video to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

So if you are a Linux user and you want to create your own movies but do not want to buy a Mac or Windows computer and video software OpenShot is for you. It is open source which means it is free.

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