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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jail Break - The Pact

I worked on JAIL BREAK - THE PACT in Peterborough earlier this month. It was a pleasure working with director Alex Dunlop, Unit Manager Pat Maitland, Production Assistant Melissa Munroe, Wardrobe Amy and Make-up Natasha Nikolic and especially my co-star Ray Henderson.

As you can tell by the series name, JAIL BREAK, it is about escape convicts. Ray and I play two escape convicts that have a pact. Our scenes took two days to film. About half of the scenes were outdoors. What filming this episode taught me is I need to loose my inhibitions and not hold back on my emotions. Fortunate for me I had a great lead actor in Ray and a great director in Alex. I realize that in a different situation with a different lead and director the shoot not have been a good experience.

The outdoor scenes were a bit of a concern for me as an old injury to my right hand requires me to keep it warm and the scenes required me to not wear gloves. Fortunately, two pins I had in my right index finger came out recently. Since the pins came out, moderately freezing temperatures has little effect on blood circulation in my hand.

Ray teaches Drama and runs an acting workshop in Peterborough. His great acting skills and experience shows in every scene. It was also a pleasure working with Alex. He is very clear about what he wants portrayed. Amy is one of the best wardrobe artist I have worked with. She was able to determine my size just by looking at me. No measuring tape required for her. Natasha is a dedicated make-up artist. Her love for her craft is evident in everything she does. I look forward to working with them in the future.

JAIL BREAK will be shown on Discovery ID

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