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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Toronto streets to be living movie set

The article Toronto streets to be living movie set by Tony Wong shows how important Toronto is for film production by Pinewood Studios intent to expand their capacity from 250,000 square feet to 2.5 million square feet. A ten fold increase.

The article also describes a very unique way to build film production facility - create a mixed use residential/commercial/film production community. As a person that works in the film industry, this is good news as Toronto has not been making any meaningful investments in this industry till now.

Almost all street sets encounter the same issues - some members of the public refuse to co-operate with the film crew which causes unnecessary delays and re-shoots. Another issue encountered from time to time is the fact that there is not sufficient studio space to handle all the productions that want to film here.

Hollywood recognizes Toronto has a large experienced film production crews that does a great job. However, politics has been the major hurdle (see Island airport to get tunnel, money, passengers and Air Canada for one example of how politics hampers the film industry) to filming in Toronto. Now that Toronto's politicians recognizes the importance of this industry for creating many jobs across all categories, they are now willing to let major studios like Pinewood Studios take the lead a develop a true production facility that includes mixed use neighbourhoods.

Although Pinewood Studios tried this in Britain but failed they will have success her as the Docklands are not currently used as residential area. The British project was cancelled due to opposition by residents from a nearby village.

I look forward to living and working in the immersing filming district.

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