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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Working on the set of Alphas was great as I have not worked in about two months. I ran into a number of friends from previous sets so it was like a class reunion. From what I gathered, Alphas is about an elite team of FBI agents that go after super villains like Ghost. It is a pilot for a new TV series. It was a beautiful sunny day to be working outside, not too warm but a bit windy. My role was a passer-by (businessman) was perfect as I was comfortable in my suit.

There were a lot of beautiful women on set and I made friends with one of them. Another woman I found interesting does body building and is studying to become a doctor. Who says blonds can't be smart, strong and sexy? I hope to see her on set again.

Anyway, it was a long 14 hour day. As the sun went down the temperature went down as well. We were all happy but exhausted when we got wrapped. I look forward to working on this set again.
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