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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Saw VII is the first horror movie I have worked on that I played a normal person, a business man to be exact. It is also the second production that I got to wear my own clothes for continuity. It took three days to film the scenes I was in. As per usual this movie is a gory bloodfest. To make this movie even more gross, it is filmed in 3D.

In this installment of Saw, Dr. Gordon goes for a very public execution using a sawing system only a madman could devise. He turns a display of cutting technology (not sure what it would otherwise be used for) into a game to have two friends kill each other over a mutual girlfriend. A love triangle gone terribly wrong.

This set was really weird to work on. Not only because of the plot but also the reactions the director got from all the performers. For instance, the scene of the start of a normal normal work day in the financial district when people are arriving for work, “the game” starts. Dr. Gordon's voice attracts everyone's attention to the saw display. Everyone except my friend Rob who stands in the same spot for three days of filming with a really weird look on his face. All the passersby walks around him. He does not move but only stares at the display with a weird look on his face. No one says anything to him. He was not even given any directions or action to do. He just stands there in that one spot. After we were wrapped on the third day he told me he simply stood where he did because he got a good view of the “display” and none of the A.D. told him to do otherwise. It will be interesting to see whether he is seen in the final cut.

Saw VII will be in theaters this October in time for Halloween.

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